Mesh top – how to wear in a beautiful and delicate way

Mesh top - how to wear in a beautiful and delicate way

Mesh top is a versatile outfit that you can wear all winter, spring, and summer. There are many ways to coordinate with a cool shirt.

Wear a mesh top and a dress

If you are afraid that the mesh top is too revealing, immediately combine it with a simple two-piece dress inside. Sleeveless dresses are the perfect match with mesh tops, especially dresses with feminine designs and prints.

You will look very cute but no less sharp in this outfit. Accentuate with a pair of earrings or a personalized necklace that will help you have the impressive look you want.


With jeans

A star-patterned top, worn with a black two-piece inside, a long mesh top or a horizontal stripe looks especially good when paired with high-waisted denim. This combination of bold and classic gives an overall sophisticated, sexy but also extremely elegant.

With jeans
With jeans

A crop top mesh shirt

A see-through crop top with a basic design can bring a sense of dynamism, personality, and angularity to the wearer. You can also make the outfit sweeter, more poetic with a crop top with a bow in the front or a soft, flared sleeve.


Colorful mesh shirt

Choose colorful tops that will make you look fresh. Popular colors are nude, red, pastel pink and olive. Try teaming it up with a mesh top with a matching bra and high-waisted jeans or a red and black skirt to make a difference.


Mix with mini skirts

Sleeveless mesh top with mini skirt is a very beautiful and elegant outfit, you can wear it for a formal event or an evening out.

You can wear a 2-layer crop top with a classic inner layer. Pair the top with a mini skirt of the same color or of a contrasting color. The best accessory is a pair of black heels or black suede boots for a more feminine and stylish look.

Mix with mini skirts
Mix with mini skirts